Jay Wells – Red Koi Tattoos and Piercings

“You’ve handled their blood… there’s really nothing more personal than that,” says Jay Wells, owner of Red Koi Tattoos And Piercings. That statement alone reflects perfectly the dedication, commitment, personality and uniqueness that shines through Wells’s artwork, his personal life, home life and pretty much everything else he chooses to pursue.

Owner of the Red Koi Tattoos And Piercings, father of four and a personal friend, Wells has found how not to separate business, family and friendship, but how to perfectly incorporate all three into his every day life. Whether it be taking care of his kids, hanging out with his friends or dealing with disgruntled members of the public, I have never witnessed a more consistently real and awesome dad, friend and mentor.

Red Koi Tattoos And Piercings had its grand opening in April 2011 and it meant serenity for Jay Wells, as he finally has his own artistic sanctuary where he can perpetuate the true meaning behind tattooing and what it means to be privileged to have one.

“Once you get a tattoo, you’ve evolved… belonging now to a new tribe of people, you’ve taken the risk and made the commitment,” says Wells.

Kelly Mcrae, Skin Dimensions

“Art is my life and my life is art.”
I started out as junior artist in a screen printing shop doing logos and lettering at 17. I did freelance art for various companies, including product design. I bought my first machine in late 1994 and started my apprenticeship in early 1996 at Skin Dimensions. I made custom tattoo machines from 1998 to 2003.

In 2003, my business partner Dennis Poncik and I bought the tattoo shop from the family that opened it in 1992. My life as an artist/tattooer has been fulfilling, at times artistically challenging and as an owner, sometimes frustrating.

I have been tattooing for 17 years and hopefully [will be] for another 17. I am proud of what we do at our shop. We have two other talented artists, Claire Beland and Jay Primeau, who have made my shop a great place to come and get your work done. My clients push my creativity and that’s why I am thankful.

In 2012 we celebrate our 20th year in business. I have another milestone to be happy about…

Thanks again,
Kelly Mcrae

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